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Singapore Real Estate

Singapore Real Estate is expected to appreciate substantially going forward.
Buy a property in Singapore now and reach rich returns in the future.

Buying Property in Singapore

Buying Property in Singapore

With a large majority of Singapore’s population falling in the age group of 20-64 years, the real estate focus in the city state has been centred on the work force. Developers and promoters have realised this potential and made efforts to reach out to this bourgeoning consumer base. They are increasingly spending more time on client’s needs and requirements and quite literally coming up with something to suit every palette. In the current scenario, properties for sale include community living projects, theme based townships and mixed development projects. With increasing demand for residential and commercial spaces the prices are set to skyrocket. The buyer friendly market is sure to encourage many home buyers to fulfil their dream of owning a property.


Real Estate Market in Singapore

Despite a set back over the last few years, the real estate market in Singapore is witnessing a turnaround. Investing in a residential property located in close proximity to the city centre, is bound to generate attractive rental income. Mixed use developments that promote the concept of live, work and play are also much in demand. Further, real estate in Singapore is expected to appreciate substantially going forward. Studies in fact show that property values are set to double in the city state by the year 2030. Picking the right property to invest in holds the key to getting better returns. Partner with sqproperty.com to buy a property in Singapore now and reach rich returns in the future.

Real Estate Market in Singapore
 What Makes Singapore an Attractive Real Estate Destination?

What Makes Singapore an Attractive Real Estate Destination?

Singapore’s transformation from an insignificant swamp to one of the richest nations of the world is truly astonishing. Thanks to its strategic location, it has emerged a financial and business hotspot and attract investments and talent. Real estate in Singapore is expected to not only maintain its momentum, but also jump up a few notches. Buying real estate in the highly developed city state is far simpler than other South East Asian countries. Further, developers maintain high quality standards and offer a quality of life that is a class apart. Strong governance and a relatively stable currency seal the deal for those looking to invest in real estate in Singapore.



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