Property in Hougang , Punggol , Sengkang

Hougang , Punggol , Sengkang - District 19

Located in the north eastern part of Singapore, District 19 comprises areas like Hougang, Punggol and Sengkan and is best known for recreational and commercial offerings. Most of the district’s commercial activity is centred on the prominent shopping malls in Hougang. The self-sufficient area has seen a sharp rise in population over the past few years. With developments to rejuvenate the town centre and enhance the town's rich history and heritage, real estate in Hougang is in demand. Punggol is currently being developed into a locality for waterfront living with HDB flats, private condominiums, houses and even the first set of smart HDB flats. Residents and visitors can take part in a gamut of leisure activities along the waterway and enjoy the scenic views as they walk along the landscaped promenade, or enjoy a happy dining experience at one of the many seafood restaurants and bistros situated by the riverside. Rapid commercial developments in Sengkang have led to the establishment of several entertainment avenues including shopping centres, sports complexes, and world-class restaurants, apart from an efficient transportation network and a host of modern facilities. District 19 offers a plethora of options to perfectly suit your budget and requirement. Invest wisely and reap rich returns in future.

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