Property in Alexandra , Queenstown

Alexandra , Queenstown - District 03

District 3 is ideally located bordering the Central Area of Singapore. Originally home to fruit and vegetable plantations. The region was developed greatly during the British colonial period and grew to attract an expatriate population. Many offices and quarters erected during that era, stand to this day and many developments also hold British inspired names. The region was in fact the testing grounds for Singapore’s first public housing initiatives and later the first satellite town. It has retained vibrancy today through rejuvenation efforts to transform it into a modern residential hub. The diverse amenities available at arm’s length ensure District 3 is favoured by those looking for a good work life balance. Shopping centres like Queensway shopping centre and IKEA Alexandra and dining options like Rio Brazilian Restaurant, Golden Crown Restaurant and Hai Kee Teochew Cha Kway Teow, apart from several community centres and clubs offer an extensive range of leisure and recreation activities to those who reside here. Broad roads, flyovers and expressways ensure easy transportation. Real estate in District 3 is in the limelight with several private and public residential developments sprouting in the neighbourhood, owing to its proximity to the business area. Housing supply has been further improved with many luxurious condominium projects being developed near the MRT stations.

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