Property in Chinatown , Tanjong Pagar

Chinatown , Tanjong Pagar - District 02

Also a part of Singapore’s Central Business District, District 2 has been constantly ungraded to keep pace with the developments of modern Singapore. The busy metropolitan area is dotted with numerous high rise structures, residential blocks and commercial buildings. Chinatown, which is also a part of District 2 lends a distinct cultural flavour to the neighbourhood and attracts a flurry of tourists. Historically a home to a concentrated ethnic Chinese population, Chinatown continues to reflect colonial influences. Heritage sites and place of cultural interest like the Chinatown Heritage Centre, apart from Buddhist and Hindu temples add to the cultural richness of District 2. Tanjong Pagar offers a fun filled venue for tourists and expatriates with its varied pubs, clubs, bars and local restaurants. With many Korean eateries springing up in the region, to cater to Singapore’s burgeoning Korean population, Tanjong Pagar has earned the name ‘Little Korea’. HDB and luxury homes in the vicinity are popular among those looking to buy property in Singapore. Several real estate developments in the area in the recent past are expected to boost the country’s business and lifestyle hub. District 2 attracts both foreign investors and local looking to buy property with the promise of high returns in the future.

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